Media Planning

Primetime Media uses sophisticated forecasting of impressions, Cost per Millions (CPM), Gross Rating Points (GRP), and lead generation to develop a media plan that would serve to be effective in the appropriate advertising channel. Our research gives us and our clients’ the ability to understand industry competitors and consumer habits and motivations. Our planning would utilize accurate psychographics and demographics to get the most effective media plan.

Media Buying

Once an effective media plan has been devised, Primetime is now ready to purchase the media at the best possible price. Our media buying negotiations are what sets us apart from our competitors. Our priority is to get the best possible deal for our clients, dependent on their needs and budget. Primetime Media is on the forefront of general and direct response.


The goal in our research is to increase sales, reduce costs and ultimately increase our clients’ Return on Investment (ROI). We are able to conduct client and competitor analysis, and post buying analysis. We provide detailed data analysis, control testing and most importantly tracking, in order to quantify our clients’ marketing efforts.